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Activity Committee

(f.l.t.r.) Tiemen Nicolaij,  Solène Chambet-Weil, Jurgen Meijer, Sienna van Eek, Daniel de Jonge

The Activity Committee (AcCie) is responsible for the activities within AMOR. Apart from the monthly socials and annual dinners, they also organize other activities such as barbecues, small tournaments and ‘Wie is de Mol?’


Audit Committee


(f.l.t.r.) Lucas Tuijp, Tim Hiemink, Igor Damming

The Audit Committee is responsible for checking the accounts of AMOR. They make sure the Treasurer doesn’t make any vital mistakes when budgeting for the next season.

Dies Committee


(f.l.t.r.) Tessel Biemolt, Maarten Kant, Sterre Vrieling, Lotte Hulleman, Roderik Schipper-Gonzales

The Dies Committee is responsible for our most important celebration: our birthday. The committee makes sure we celebrate in the right way, and come together for this important event. Every 5 years, the Dies Committee turns into the Lustrum Committee for a year, to organise an epic Lustrum week.

Multimedia Committee


(f.l.t.r.) Mazedul Islam Khan,  Igor Damming, Charlotte van den Herik,
Laura Nijhuis, Shuhul Koul, Tim Hiemink, Jurgen Meijer

The Multimedia Committee (MMC) is responsible for the media management of AMOR. The MMC makes sure the website is up to date and running properly, and they make photos during activities of AMOR.

Schier Committee


(f.t.t.b.f.l.t.r.) Sophie Ching, Dominika Chojnacka, Anouk Schouten, Annika Wagner,
Tristan Eshuis, Sterre Vrieling, Tessel Biemolt.

The Schier Committee (SchierCie) is responsible for organising two annual camps: the Schiercamp, which takes place towards the end of the season, and the Training camp, which takes place right before the new season starts.

Shuttle Committee


(f.l.t.r.) Dyon Arifin, Julius Sipma, Max Porté

The Shuttle Committee is responsible for our shuttles. They prepare the shuttles before practice and competitive matches to make sure we don’t break them too fast – that would be a waste.

Sjots Committee

(f.l.t.r) Lars van der Lelie, Roderik Schipper Gonzales, Lotte Hulleman, Maarten Kant,
Charlotte van den Herik, Tim Mählmann, Dyon Arifin, Casper Jager, Joris Kunst

The Sjots Committee is responsible for our club magazine ‘Sjots’. About six times a year they create a fun magazine with original content and all the inside facts and rumours of AMOR. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh


Sponsoring Committee


(f.l.t.r.) Denise Meijering, (...), Roman Krjemenevsky, Dyon Arifin, Lucas Tuijp, Nathalie van Rhee

The Sponsoring Committee is responsible for the acquisition of AMOR. They search for sponsors who want to support AMOR, and make sure we keep a good relationship with these sponsors.

Technical Committee


(f.l.t.r.) Tim Hiemink, Marco Holtrop, Joost Quant, Rik Wilbers, Nathalie van Rhee

The Technical Committee (TC) is responsible for the practice groups and competitive teams. They make sure you’re playing on the right level and decide who will be in what team. Fun fact: The TC usually consists of all trainers and the Technical Affairs member of the Board.

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