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Stichting AMOR Toernooi (SAT)


What is the SAT?

The responsibilities of the SAT include the organisation of the annual AMOR tournament, which is generally held in February. This has been the case since 1966. It is possible to play several categories during the AMOR tournament, namely, 1 (Master), 4, 6 and 8. Most of the time the AMOR tournament is well visited with approximately 250 participants. This level of popularity makes the AMOR tournament one of the biggest badminton tournaments in the North of the Netherlands.

Apart from this well-known and listed tournament, the SAT organizes the one day BooT (NL: “Buitengewoon ongeorganiseerd en onverantwoord Toernooi”)  tournament. This less serious tournament, generally, takes place just after the summer break in September. When BooT was first organized it was intended for alumni from AMOR only, however, due to serious demand, is now open for all badminton players. It is one of the only tournaments taking place before the competitive season begins.

 SAT 2022-2023

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Chairman: Marieke Veenstra
Secretary: Marco Holtrop
Treasurer: Tim Hiemink
Inventory and Employees: Eileen Jonker
Promotion: Nina Janssen
Acquisition: Axel Ariffin
Internal Affairs: Iris Janssen