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Sponsors & Partners

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FZ FORZA is top quality equipment at fair prices, developed in Denmark by badminton players for badminton players.



Customized (prefab) woodwork.


FZ Forza

Feestwinkel XL

For all your original, high quality and sharply priced party wear.



Belsimpel is the place to go for all your phone needs. At Belsimpel, you can choose from all phones and all providers.

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Friends of AMOR

The current friends of AMOR:

  • Paul de Kuyper

  • Leonie Koekoek

  • Koos Meisner

  • Fokko Dijkstra

  • Wim Bos

  • Coen Verboom

  • Carina Schoenmaker

  • Tim van Haeringen

  • Ettina Beiboer

  • Jasper van den Sigtenhorst

  • Fokko Dijkstra

  • Xingchi Su

  • Denise Stevens

  • Ivar Dijck

  • Bianca Oosterhaven

  • Max Porté

Army Medals

Honorary Members

The honorary members of AMOR:

  • Hans van Hest

  • Popko de Jonge

  • Henk Jongschaap

  • Koos Meisner

  • Bart Los

  • Raymond Brehme

  • Eelko Huizing

  • Dick de Geus (founder)

  • Joost Quant

  • Marco Holtrop



This is our current partner for all socials and diners during the year. Every first Wednesday of the month AMORians are to be found here drinking beer and having fun!


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